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By 7 Days Pediatrics
January 15, 2020
Category: Pediatrics
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While there is no cure for asthma, there are ways to manage your child’s asthma symptoms and to reduce the risk for a flare-up. Of course, to be able to properly control your child’s asthma it’s important to understand more about this condition and what triggers your child’s symptoms. A pediatrician will be a valuable asset when it comes to discussing asthma treatment options and addressing any concerns that you might have.

Know Your Child’s Triggers

There are a variety of environmental elements and conditions that can also trigger airway inflammation and lead to an asthma attack. It’s important to figure out what your child’s triggers are so you can avoid them as much as possible. Of course, this is something that your pediatrician can help you determine as well. Common triggers include:

  • Outdoor allergens such as pollen and mold
  • Indoor allergens such as pet dander
  • Viral infections
  • Exercise
  • Weather changes

Stick With Your Plan

Once a pediatrician has diagnosed your child with asthma, the next step is to create an asthma management plan (also referred to as an action plan). This plan is designed based on your child’s specific triggers to minimize the severity and the frequency of your child’s flare-ups, which also reduces the need for emergency medical care. So, what’s including in an asthma action plan? Here’s what should be in your child’s action plan:

  • The medications prescribed to your child, along with how much they take and when they should take them
  • Possible triggers
  • Pinpointing the early signs of asthma flare-ups and what to do when they occur
  • How to handle an asthma attack
  • When to seek immediate medical attention

Take Medications as Directed

Medication is the most common way to manage asthma symptoms. Your pediatrician will prescribe a long-term controlling medication that your child will use daily to reduce airway swelling. When signs of a flare-up appear, a quick-acting inhaler can reduce swelling and prevent it from getting worse.

Know Signs of a Flare-up

Once your child has experienced a couple of flare-ups you’ll begin to pick up the warning signs so that you can start to recognize when another one might occur. These warning signs might come in the form of a persistent cough or wheezing. When these symptoms appear it’s important to have your child’s medication readily available.

If your child is showing symptoms and warning signs of asthma it’s important that you bring them in for an immediate medical checkup. Call your pediatrician today to learn more about ways to help your child better control their asthma symptoms.

By 7 Days Pediatrics
January 10, 2020
Category: Pediatrics
Tags: Preventive Care  

How your Perth Amboy area pediatricians can keep your child in the best health possible

Preventing diseases before they start is critical to helping people live longer, healthier lives, especially when it comes to children. Here at 7 Days Pediatrics in Edision, NJ, our team of pediatricians offers a full range of services to patients, including those living in Perth Amboy and the surrounding areas.

Wellness Visits - This type of healthcare visit goes by a lot of names, but it's essentially your child's annual exam. The doctor checks your child's height, weight, heart rate, and blood pressure. Think of this as your child's general maintenance check, and make it a priority.

Screen for Diseases - Health screening tests play a major role in preventive medicine and are an important part of well-child visits. Even before any risks are identified and symptoms are recognized, health screening tests help to detect diseases in their early stages. Many illnesses are highly treatable when detected early.

Prevent Health Problems - Well-child visits allow your child's doctor to review any changes that have occurred over the last year and encourage healthy choices. Your child's doctor can help you identify risk factors that increase your child's risk of diseases and offer advice on how to manage them.

Update Vaccinations - Today, vaccine-preventable diseases, such as measles, mumps, and whooping cough, are still a threat. It is very important for all children to receive recommended vaccinations to protect them against serious, preventable illnesses. Vaccination protects your children from getting sick. It also protects them from the complications of diseases which can include amputation of an arm or leg, hearing loss, paralysis of limbs brain damage, and death.

It’s time to take action! If you're looking for a qualified pediatrician in the Perth Amboy area, call 7 Days Pediatrics at 732-548-3210 right now to schedule a consultation with one of our world-class pediatricians in Edison, NJ.