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Hidden Bacteria In Your Child's Toys

Find out more about the germs that lurk in your child’s toys and how to keep them clean. Does your little one love nothing more than playing with their toys in Read More

Treating that Playground Scrape

Whether you have boys or girls, the occasional playground scrape is pretty much unavoidable. Kids who run and play are bound to fall and get hurt on occasion. In light Read More

Use Your Head: How to Keep Your Kids Safe from Concussions

A hit to the head during a soccer game or a hard fall from skateboarding may result in a serious head injury and even a concussion. The American Academy of Read More

Germ Prevention

Germ Prevention Strategies Did you know that your child's immune system is less mature than yours, which makes them more susceptible to diseases? Germs and sickness are always around us, and Read More

Fit Kids, Healthy Kids - How to Make Exercise a Way of Life

Children need physical activity on a regular basis to keep them healthy and strong. It’s unfortunate that many kids today are considered overweight. In fact, according to Centers for Disease Read More

What are the Signs of Whooping Cough?

Also known as pertussis, whooping cough is a highly communicable (contagious) bacterial upper respiratory infection. Although it is commonly associated with babies and small children, anyone can develop whooping cough Read More

Fighting Flu Season: How to Protect Your Family from the Influenza Virus

With the arrival of flu season, many parents will be watching their children closely for symptoms of this dreaded virus.  The flu, also known as influenza, is a highly contagious Read More

What is Conjunctivitis?

This painful eye condition may be common but it’s important that you know the proper way to treat it so it doesn’t spread. Kids carry a lot of germs, so it’s Read More

Seeking Help for Your Child's Sport's Injuries

For most children, nothing beats the excitement of joining his or her first soccer league or school basketball team. But along with the many benefits of childhood sports and team Read More

What to Do When Your Child Gets the Flu

The flu season is approaching us. Find out what to do if your little one gets the flu. As fall approaches, it’s important that your little one is protected from the Read More

Don't Make Your Child Wait for Care

A long wait to see the pediatrician can be one of the worst parts of getting sick for children, especially during cold and flu season, when all they want is Read More

When is the Right Time for Antibiotics?

Find out when it’s appropriate for your child to take antibiotics and when you should just let nature take its course. It seems that wherever we turn we are hearing more Read More

Does Your Pet Carry Germs that Are Dangerous For Your Child?

Find out the best ways for your children and pets to cohabit without risking illness. No matter whether you had pets before your children came along or your kids begged you Read More

Medication Safety At Home

When it comes to your children, we want to make sure they are always healthy and happy. Any type of medicine or vitamin can ultimately cause harm to you and Read More

Common Rashes Among Infants

As a new parent, discovering a rash on your baby's skin can be quite frightening. After all, most new parents simply aren't familiar with the different types of rashes that Read More

Choosing a Diaper Brand

One very common question nearly all new moms ask is: "What type of diaper brand is best?" Unfortunately, there is no one good answer to this question. All babies are Read More

Viewing 209 - 224 out of 297 posts


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