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Kids and Pets

Raising your children with pets provides a great opportunity for learning, nurturing, and building healthy relationship skills that will benefit your children for the rest of their lives. With help Read More

What to Expect when You're Expecting

Schedule a Free Prenatal Consultation Are you expecting a baby in the coming year? If this is your first child, then you probably have a lot of questions racing through your Read More

What You Need to Know About Tonsillitis?

Find out more about this throat infection and how your Woodbridge pediatrician treats tonsillitis. Is your child complaining of a sore throat? While there are many causes for a sore throat, Read More

Signs Your Child May Have an Ear Infection

Don’t let an ear infection plague your children. Discover some of the telltale symptoms from the pediatricians at 7 Days Pediatrics. It can be challenging at times to always understand what Read More

When a Sore Throat Interrupts Your Child's Health

In infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, the most frequent cause of sore throats is a viral infection.  No specific medicine is required when a virus is responsible, and the child should Read More

Keeping Your Home Safe from Poisons

Young children explore the world by putting things in their mouth.  For this reason, more than one million children under the age of six are victims of accidental poisoning each Read More

Appendicitis in Children

Truth is, anyone with an appendix can get appendicitis—even our children.  Appendicitis is a painful inflammation of the hollow finger-shaped organ attached to the end of the large intestine.  If Read More

When to Take Your Child to the Pediatrician

As a new parent, you've got a lot going on. The newest member of your family is always a welcome joy and the last thing you need to worry about Read More


Puberty: Getting Through Hormonal Changes Everyone goes through puberty, but everyone reacts differently to the hormonal changes.  Typically, puberty begins in every person some time after the age of eight.  This Read More

Protect Your Child During Flu Season

Know what you can do to make sure your child stays healthy this year and every year. It’s that time of year again to talk about flu outbreaks. You may notice Read More

Proper Hand Washing Methods

One of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of illnesses is through proper hand washing.  Young children in particular need to be reminded to wash their hands, which Read More

Allergies or the Common Cold?

Your child is sneezing, coughing and congested.  Is it the common cold? Or is it seasonal allergies? And what is the best way to give them relief from these symptoms? Allergies Read More

Pediatricians serving the Woodbridge and Edison New Jersey Locations!

When it comes to providing pediatric care, Dr. Nimisha Shukla offers superior care for patients in the Woodbridge and Edison, NJ locations.  We are so committed to providing top pediatric Read More

Introducing Solids: How to Transition from the Bottle to Spoon

Giving your baby his first spoonful of solid foods is an exciting time!  Many parents look forward to the day their little one takes their first bite of rice cereal, Read More

Does My Child Have a Vision Problem?

As a parent, you may rely on the results of a school vision screening, or the fact that your child doesn’t report any symptoms, as an indication he or she Read More

Does My Child Have a Food Allergy?

Especially during the younger years, adequate food and nutrition is vital for a child’s growth and development. But for some children, a snack or meal as simple as a peanut Read More

Viewing 257 - 272 out of 297 posts


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