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Understanding the Symptoms of Colic

All babies cry.  When a baby cries, it is their way of telling you that they’re hungry, wet, or tired.  However, if your baby has colic, they may cry all Read More

Understanding Tonsillitis

The tonsils are oval-shaped, pink masses of tissue on both sides of the throat. They are part of the body's immune system, designed to fight off bacteria and viruses that Read More

Symptoms of Whooping Cough

Symptoms of Whooping Cough When our child is sick, it can take a toll on not only them, put you as a parent.  Your pediatrician in Edison is available to help Read More

Keep Your Playpen Safe

When you are not able to watch your child closely, many moms or dads will place their child in a playpen.  While you might think this is a safe place Read More

Parents: Protect Your Children from Burns

From washing up under too hot of water to an accidental tipping of a coffee cup, burns are a potential hazard in every home.  In fact, burns are some of Read More

Baby Nail Care

When it comes to caring for your baby, nail care is often overlooked.  In the first few months of life, you may not be too worried about caring for your Read More

Childhood Obesity: Helpful Tips for Parents of Overweight Children

More and more, childhood obesity is becoming prevalent in the U.S.  According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, over the past two decades it has doubled in children and tripled Read More

Fever Phobia? When Parents Should Call Their Pediatrician

Generally, a fever is brought on by an infection from a virus or bacterial infection. While many times a parent’s first instinct is to worry when their child has a Read More

Expert Pediatric Tips For Avoiding Winter Sports Injuries

The weather outside is frightful - but keeping warm is so delightful! One of the leading ways to feel good this winter is by moving your body, as getting your Read More

New Parents: How to Select the Right Crib for Your Baby

A new baby needs a lot of things. From bottles and car seats to high chairs and baby monitors, an expectant parent has a lot of decisions and purchases to Read More

What is Every Kid Healthy Week?

Whats special about April 21st -25th? Its Every Kid Healthy Week!   Every child in the United States should be well nourished, physically active, healthy and read to learn. During the week Read More

Establishing Healthy Eating Habits for Young Children

Too often, children fall into unhealthy routines when it comes to eating.  These habits can jeopardize their long-term overall health, potentially leading to serious complications later in life. In fact, Read More

Avoiding Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

You might think that you can’t develop tooth decay when your child’s teeth have not grown in yet, but you can.  Tooth decay in infants and very young children is Read More

What Parents Should Know About Teething

Teething is an important part of your baby’s development.  Although it can be an irritable time for your baby, there are many ways you can help ease the pain.  Most Read More

Immunizations: Are they safe for my baby?

Despite all of the research supporting the effectiveness of immunizations, many parents still question the safety of vaccines for their little ones.  Will they protect my infant from serious disease? Read More

Keeping your Sleeping Baby Safe

Your child’s safety is your responsibility, even when your baby is sleeping.  Nimisha Shukla, MD, your pediatrician in Edison, is available to provide you with helpful tips to keep your Read More

Viewing 241 - 256 out of 297 posts


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