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ADHD & School Aged Children

We all want the best for our children. It’s only natural to hope your child succeeds in school, enjoys social activities and leads a happy life. Yet, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can prevent Read More

Backyard Safety for Your Children

Playing in the backyard is a popular pastime for children in the summertime. Just like every activity for your child, you want them to be safe and protected. There are Read More

Medication Safety At Home

When it comes to your children, we want to make sure they are always healthy and happy. Any type of medicine or vitamin can ultimately cause harm to you and Read More

Insect Repellents

Insect Repellents and Your Kids Warmer weather means fun time outside, making memories, but it also means, bugs, bugs, bugs! One solution for repelling bugs is using bug spray, but is Read More

How to Keep Injuries at Bay when Kids are at Play

Whether it’s at the park, school or in your own backyard, kids of all ages enjoy climbing on the monkey bars, going down the slide and swinging.  Playgrounds are a Read More

Teaching Your Child How to Wash

Of all of the life skills you have to teach your children as they grow up, washing is a pretty important one. After all, not only does it help them Read More

The Facts about Children and Cancer

According to the Center for Disease Control and the Children’s Oncology Group, approximately 13,500 children and adolescents are diagnosed with cancer every year - and that's just in the United Read More

The Facts about Co-Sleeping

After hearing horror stories of children being suffocated while co-­sleeping, many parents, concerned about the safety risks that bed­-sharing entails, wrongly believe that bed-­sharing is dangerous. Thankfully, the truth is Read More

How to Detect Autism Early

While autism generally is not diagnosed in children until the age of three or so, it is possible to spot the warning signs and begin taking preventative measures as early Read More

How to Avoid and Manage Dreaded Head Lice

Two words parents dread hearing--head lice. Head lice are parasites that can be found on the heads of people, most common among preschool and elementary children. Each year millions of Read More

How Much Sleep Does My Child Need?

Most parents recognize that small children need more sleep than adults do, but the question of exactly how much sleep children need is often still a mystery. Many parents worry Read More

Hidden Bacteria In Your Child's Toys

Find out more about the germs that lurk in your child’s toys and how to keep them clean. Does your little one love nothing more than playing with their toys in Read More

Germ Prevention

Germ Prevention Strategies Did you know that your child's immune system is less mature than yours, which makes them more susceptible to diseases? Germs and sickness are always around us, and Read More

Treating that Playground Scrape

Whether you have boys or girls, the occasional playground scrape is pretty much unavoidable. Kids who run and play are bound to fall and get hurt on occasion. In light Read More

Car Seats: Information for Your Family

There are many mistakes that can be made when it comes to installing and using car seats. From the time your baby is born until they are old enough to Read More

Fit Kids, Healthy Kids - How to Make Exercise a Way of Life

Children need physical activity on a regular basis to keep them healthy and strong. It’s unfortunate that many kids today are considered overweight. In fact, according to Centers for Disease Read More

Viewing 113 - 128 out of 182 posts


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