Pediatrician Services offered for Woodbridge and Edison
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September 12, 2017
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Dr. Nimisha Shukla provides pediatric care for the Woodbridge and Edison NJ Areas

As a top pediatrician in Edison, Dr. Nimisha Shukla also is proud to serve the community of Woodbridge. The township of Woodbridge is the oldest original township in New Jersey.  Dr. Shukla is proud to be a Woodbridge, NJ area pediatrician serving patients in the surrounding area with the best care available.

Dr. Nimisha Shukla is a board certified pediatrician and fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics—allowing her to care for children of Woodbridge and surrounding areas since 1997.  As a pediatrician serving Woodbridge, NJ, Dr. Shukla provides superior care for children, including:

  • Immunizations
  • Parenting tips
  • What’s going around
  • Newborn care
  • Pregnancy care for expectant mothers

Located in the heart of the city, Edison Pediatrics is proud to serve the community of Woodbridge to bring together superior care for patients in the surrounding areas.  Dr. Nimisha Shukla maintains her education as a Woodbridge pediatrician by completing continuing education courses every year.

Call Edison Pediatrics to schedule an appointment or make a same day appointment online with Dr. Nimisha Shukla, a pediatrician serving Woodbridge and surrounding areas.  From routine checkups to treating illnesses, Dr. Shukla is available to help maintain your child’s health.

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