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Healthy Eating Options for Busy Families

Family Eating HabitsSometimes a sit-down meal seems impossible at times for busy families.  Making sure that a meal is healthy feels like an even bigger challenge.  With a little organization, you can have the chance to serve healthy meals and sit down as a family once again.  However, other nights you might find yourself on the go throughout the dinner hour.  With help from your Edison pediatrician, you can establish proper eating habits throughout the day.

Breakfast Matters

Studies suggest that children who skip the morning meal run a greater risk of being overweight, which is why experts agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  By skipping breakfast, it is next to impossible for children, and adults, to make up for the nutrients lost.  Healthy breakfast foods, such as milk and whole grains, provide an array of nutrients necessary for proper growth and good health.  Additionally, breakfast provides a positive effect on academic performance because after about 10 hours or so without food, eating in the morning fuels the brain and body for the day ahead. 

Snack Smart

Throughout the day, it is important to snack smart.  Make sure you buy healthy snacks and portion them into individual servings so that you always have a grab-and-go snack for each member of the family.  A snack between meals is important to keep hunger at bay and prevent binge eating.  Students also need snacks to help them concentrate and learn at school, and working adults who keep healthy snacks on hand are less likely to hit the vending machine in the afternoon.

Make Smart Restaurant Choices

Yes, there will be times when a busy family has to eat out, but doing so does not have to derail your healthy eating goals.  Choose the restaurant you will go to ahead of time, and use its website to look at the nutritional information for the menu items offered.  This allows you to make a choice that is healthy ahead of time so you are prepared when you get there.  Avoid looking at the menu again, if possible, so t hat you are not tempted to choose something unhealthy.

Talk to your pediatrician in Edison for more information on how you can properly plan meals for your busy family.  Remember, proper eating habits help your family throughout the day.

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