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Choosing a Diaper Brand

One very common question nearly all new moms ask is: "What type of diaper brand is best?" Unfortunately, there is no one good answer to diapersthis question. All babies are shaped slightly differently, and therefore, different diapers will work better for some babies than for others. A diaper that one mom swears by may be completely ineffective for another mom.

Thankfully, this doesn't mean that you have to choose blindly! Here are a few factors you might consider when purchasing diapers.

1. Cost

Diapers can vary widely in terms of cost. Don't assume that a more expensive diaper is automatically higher quality. If money is tight, start with less expensive diapers first and switch if they don't work.

2. Durability

If you consistently have problems with the tabs breaking off or the diapers leaking, switch brands.

3. Softness

While you usually can't tell how soft a diaper is until you open the package, if you buy some that feel like cardboard, you might want to try a different brand next time.

4. Shape

Boys and girls wet in different places in a diaper, as do crawlers and runners. Unfortunately, this means you may have to switch things up as baby grows.

5. Wetness Indicator

For new moms and dads just getting the hang of things, newborn diapers with wetness indicators can be a real lifesaver. These usually aren't necessary as baby grows, however.

6. Extra Protection

Is your baby a heavy wetter? You might want to invest in overnight diapers or diapers that are made to last several hours.

Unfortunately, choosing the right brand of diapers is usually best achieved by old fashioned trial and error. Thankfully, this trial and error can be kind of fun! Choose a diaper brand, and if it doesn't work well, choose a different one next time. You'll never know what works best for your baby until you try a few kinds and find one you love.

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