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By 7 days pediatrics
September 12, 2017
Category: Safety
When you are not able to watch your child closely, many moms or dads will place their child in a playpen.  While you might think this is a safe place for your child, think again. A playpen can also pose risks for your child and be dangerous under certain circumstances. With the guidance of your pediatrician in Edison, lets take a look at ways you can prevent mishaps from occurring with your child while they are in a playpen.  According to your Edison pediatrician, make sure that:
  • Netting has a small weave without any tears.
  • The drop side is up and securely locked.
  • The rails and padding are in good condition.
  • Toys are not strung from the playpen
  • You don’t use an accordion-style fence as a play yard.
Playpens are popular because they allow parents to put their baby down with the knowledge that their little one can’t wander off.  By understanding how to protect your baby, playpens can remain a safe place.  Your pediatrician in Edison offers helpful tips to help keep your baby safe at all times.