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By 7 Days Pediatrics
September 13, 2017
Category: Pediatric Care

It maybe now or later, but at some point in time, you would like your child to get his or her ears pierced. We have included all the do's and don’ts so that you can take all the necessary precaution for your little loved one.

All that you need to know about piercing

When is the right time to get it done?

The right age for a child to get ears pierced depends completely on child development. Ideally it should be done after the first dose of Tetanus vaccine is given. It’s best for you to wait until he or she is responsible enough to take care of his or her own and understand that piercing wounds are prone to infections.  In some cultures, it is traditional or mandatory to get the piercing done. As a parent, it is your responsibility to understand if the child is ready.


Ear piercing is a medical procedure and we take utmost care to ensure that it is done the right way. Such piercings if not done correctly, can result into very serious blood diseases. Thus, we at 7 Days Pediatrics, give utmost priority to safety and hygiene.  For us, it is extremely important, that equipment being used is latest and the person involved in piercing has all the necessary training.  Not only is our staff well trained and child friendly to adapt to situations for all child ages, they are smart to handle situation when the little ones don’t co-operate. We use the most sophisticated Coren Pediatric Ear Piercing System that takes no longer than a few seconds to get the job done.

Certain Suggestions To Protect Your Little One From Pain & Infection –

a.Ask your pediatrician if child should have a dose of infants’ ibuprofen beforehand to be comfortable as there is no anesthesia involved

b.Since ear piercing doesn’t come under medical wellness visit,  the cost of ear piercing might not be covered under insurance

c.It is recommended to clean the area for at least 4 to 6 weeks, thrice a day, using cotton swabs and hydrogen peroxide. Also as a parent, you are expected to turn baby’s earrings at least once a day so that they do not begin to heal over the earring. Also rotating the earrings help

d.Confirm with your physician if ear-piercing gun is to be used in the procedure. Ear-piercing guns cannot be sterilized so you would like to ensure you are visiting a reputable doctor

e.Some children are allergic to metal used in the earring especially those which have nickel element used. Contact your doctor immediately in case any allergic symptoms like redness or rashness surface. Hence, ensure that you don’t get nickel-based backings on the earrings for your child. Also if you have a family history of keloids, you are recommended to keep your child away from piercing to avoid hereditary factors coming into play.

Other Safety Measures

  • Avoid piercing on the cartilage as this has a higher risk of cartilage infection and keloid
  • Avoid swimming in a lake or ocean, which might contain unknown bacteria
  • Avoid any sports which may require helmet or any other activity which may cause irritation to the ears

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