Why You Should Have A Pediatrician With Same Day Appointments

When your child is sick, you want to make sure you give them the best care and treatment as soon as possible. Being able to visit a same-day appointment pediatrician in Edison, South Plainfield, Perth Amboy, Woodbridge, NJ, is essential to help your child get treated. The pediatricians at 7 Days Pediatrics understand the importance of early treatment for illnesses and are prepared to help take care of your child. 

What to Do When Your Child is Sick

Except for a true emergency, you should take your child to their pediatrician for treatment when feeling sick. Your child's pediatrician knows them the best and can adequately care for their symptoms based on past medical history. Plus, visiting your child's pediatrician takes less time and costs less than visiting an urgent care clinic or emergency room. 

Illnesses Needing Same-Day Appointments

Several illnesses and ailments require your child to have a same-day appointment pediatrician in Edison, South Plainfield, Perth Amboy, Woodbridge, NJ. Call your pediatrician and request a same-day appointment if your child is experiencing any of the following symptoms: 

  • Has a temperature higher than 100.4 degrees and is under the age of two months
  • Has a fever for more than two days and is older than the age of two months
  • Has a fever of 104 degrees
  • Is complaining about localized abdominal pain
  • Has symptoms for strep throat, flu, or other severe illnesses
  • Has experienced a bad cough for two days

Benefits to Same-Day Appointments

There are many benefits to both the child and parents when having a same-day appointment with a pediatrician. The main advantage is your child will start healing and feeling better sooner and will feel more comfortable. Additionally, same-day appointments offer parents peace of mind and less worry from waiting to get their children the medical help they need. 

Are you looking for a same-day appointment pediatrician serving the Edison, South Plainfield, Perth Amboy, Woodbridge, NJ areas? Give us a call today at (732) 548-3210. Our doctors at 7 Days Pediatrics understand the need to get in to see a doctor when your child is sick on the same day.