Well Visits With Your Children's Doctor
May 25, 2021

Scheduling regular well-visits with your children’s doctor is an excellent way to help your child enjoy better health. Well-visits allow pediatricians to monitor growth and development, as well as ensure children are up to date with immunizations. The frequency with which well-visits are needed varies by age. The experienced and caring children’s doctors at 7 Days Pediatrics in Edison, NJ, and South Plainfield, NJ, can determine how often your child needs to have a well-visit.

Well Visits

Well-visits are important for several reasons. They help promote better overall health for your children and allow the doctor to monitor children’s growth and development. They also make it easy to stay up to date with important immunizations. Finally, well-visits serve a preventive purpose. By regularly monitoring children’s health, potential concerns can be identified early so proactive measures can be taken to prevent more serious health issues from developing.

Many things are covered during a well-visit, such as a physical exam and a review of the child’s personal and family medical history. As part of the physical exam, basic measurements will be taken, such as height and weight. For babies, the head circumference will also be measured. Blood pressure and heart rate will be taken, as well. Other components of the physical exam include checking the ears, nose, and throat, as well as vision, breathing, balance, and reflexes.

The frequency with which a well-visit is needed varies based on the age of the child. Newborns and infants should have a well-visit with a pediatrician every few weeks or months, as directed by the doctor. Kids two years of age and older only need to schedule a well-visit once every year. Based on the ages of your children, the skilled children’s doctors at our offices in Edison, NJ, and South Plainfield, NJ, can tell you when each one is due for their next well visit.

Vaccinations & Immunizations

A recommended component of children’s well-visits is vaccinations and immunizations. Vaccines protect kids against a wide range of serious illnesses and diseases by helping their bodies develop immunity to these conditions. At 7 Days Pediatrics, we follow the immunization schedule developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Our children’s doctors can ensure your kids remain on schedule or discuss possible alternative schedules if needed.

Well-visits with your children’s doctor serve a preventive purpose and can help kids enjoy better health. To schedule a well-visit for your child with one of our exceptional children’s doctors, call 7 Days Pediatrics in Edison, NJ, and South Plainfield, NJ, at (732) 548-3210.