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September 12, 2017
Category: Pediatric Health
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Puberty: Getting Through Hormonal Changes

Everyone goes through puberty, but everyone reacts differently to the hormonal changes.  Typically, puberty begins in every person some time after the age of eight.  This is the transition from childhood into an adulthood, when the sex organs grow and develop, and the body becomes capable to reproduce.  These changes can make your child feel proud and happy, but they can also cause your child to feel confused or embarrassed—each feeling is completely normal.   
As a parent, it is important to help your child understand puberty and how to help him or her get through their hormonal changes. At Edison Pediatrics, your child’s pediatrician in Edison, we want your child to have the best experience possible during puberty.  To gain important knowledge and a better understanding of puberty for your child, your Edison pediatrician is available. 
Hormonal changes cause a child’s sexual and physical characteristics to mature during puberty.  In girls, the ovaries begin to increase production of estrogen and other female hormones.  In boys, the testicles increase production of testosterone.  The adrenal glands also produce hormones that cause increased armpit sweating, body odor, acne, and armpit and pubic hair.  
By visiting your child’s pediatrician in Edison you can better understand what to expect during puberty.  From an increase in height to acne and sexual development, visiting your child’s Edison pediatrician at 7 Days Pediatrics is important during puberty.