FAQs about Children's Nutrition
April 08, 2020
Category: Children's Health

Are you worried about your child's nutrition? Here at 7 Days Pediatrics in Edison, NJ, your six pediatricians counsel families on the "whys" and "hows" of good childhood nutrition—read on to learn more.

Your child's needs change

A child's body and mind constantly grow and develop. As such, nutritional needs change, as well. What your child takes in determines growth, development, learning, energy level, immune system strength, and more. Additionally, one in three American children can be labeled as obese, reports the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). How do families avoid that statistic? Education, of course.

Here are some frequently asked questions on the topc:

FAQs about childhood nutrition

1. What does my baby need most? Breastfeeding is best up to one year of age as it is provides everything your child needs--including important antibodies against disease. At about six months of age, introduce solids to your baby's diet. Don't restrict fat through toddlerhood, and prioritize calcium-rich foods, such as yogurt.

2. Why is fiber important? Fiber (found in fruits, vegetables, whole-grain breads, and cereals) improves oral health, reduces fat intake, and avoids constipation. Long-term, a high-fiber diet helps prevent heart disease.

3. My school-age child is picky. What should I put in his lunch box? Emphasize protein such as eggs, low-fat meats, peanut butter, and beans. Additionally, avoid sodium: no processed lunch meats or salty chips.

4. Does a teenage girl need special nutrients? With the onset of menstruation, girls need iron to avoid anemia. So consider supplementation (with your pediatrician's advice) and spinach, legumes, and some red meat. Don't talk a lot about body image, but model healthy eating. Boys need more protein at this age as they build muscle and bone mass, states the AAP.

5. Why is water important? The human body naturally has a high water content, making it critical to adequate physiological function, including learning. As such, promote water throughout the day. Keep kids well-hydrated when they are exercising and during hot weather, as well.

You have more questions about nutrition

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