Expert Pediatric Tips For Avoiding Winter Sports Injuries
By 7 days pediatrics
September 12, 2017
Category: Pediatric Care
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The weather outside is frightful - but keeping warm is so delightful! One of the leading ways to feel good this winter is by moving your body, as getting your muscles activated through physical activity keeps you warm during days so cold.

For young children, playing sports is a fun way to engage in physical activities. But how can you keep them safe from common winter injuries like slipping and falling when all they want to do is get out and start warming up?

At Nimisha Shukla, MD, you'll find expert pediatric answers to relevant seasonal questions like these, so that you can take the proper precautions for your child's safety. After all, pediatric sports injuries during the winter months are more common with all the slippery ice and frenetic weather factors in play, so knowing how to prepare against these injuries is paramount to keeping them from happening to your child altogether.

Take a look at three simple steps you should take to ensure your child's winter sports safety below:

1. Wear The Right Shoes - Always, always make sure your child's shoes fit the occasion-- particularly if the occasion is taking place outdoors, where spots of frozen ice can lead to slippage that can cause some major repercussions when your child is unknowingly running on top of it.

2. Bundle Up - Don't allow cold-related conditions like frostbite or hypothermia to set in-- though rare during recreational events like the ones your child undoubtedly loves to partake in, why risk allowing the cold to have a window of opportunity against his/her health?

3. Educate Them - The first step to prevention is education, and if your children know what they should about avoiding winter time sports injuries, they'll be all the more likely to stay safe and sound - and warm!

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