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November 24, 2020
Category: Children's Health
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Do your children see a pediatrician, a doctor who specializes in the care of infants, children, and teenagers? Children's doctors, like the pediatricians at 7 Days Pediatrics, offer services and treatments that help your kids stay healthy. They offer several offices in the  South Plainfield and Edison, NJ, area for your convenience.

Pediatricians understand the unique healthcare needs of children

Children's doctors receive extensive training in the physical, behavioral, and mental health issues that can occur throughout childhood. They not only diagnose and treat common childhood illnesses, such as ear infections and viruses but also monitor your child's growth and development.

Although it's true that every child may have a slightly different developmental timeline, lifelong issues may occur if developmental or growth issues aren't treated promptly. Fortunately, your child's doctor can diagnose problems and recommend treatments or early interventions that will improve your child's physical or mental health.

During visits, your child's doctor offers age-appropriate explanations of illnesses and treatments. Your child's comfort during visits is particularly important. When you visit a pediatrics office in the South Plainfield, or Edison NJ area, you'll find a warm, welcoming environment and a staff that understands that a visit to the doctor can be a little overwhelming for kids.

Children's doctors offer vaccines that help your child avoid childhood illnesses

Vaccinations prevent your child from developing illnesses that can cause discomfort, pain, severe complications, or even death in some cases. When you vaccinate your child, you'll also help protect children who are too young to receive vaccines yet or can't be vaccinated due to health issues. Your child's pediatrician offers vaccinations for many common childhood illnesses, including whooping cough, measles, mumps, rotavirus, polio, influenza, meningitis, hepatitis, and tetanus.

Your child's pediatrician also offers help for behavioral or mental health issues

Children's doctors also see children who have special issues. If your child suffers from anxiety, depression, eating disorders, or other problems, the doctor can offer suggestions and medications and make referrals to other professionals if needed. Your child's doctor can also help you set up testing to determine if your child has autism, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), or other disorders.

Schedule a visit with a children's doctor in the South Plainfield, and Edison, NJ, area at 7 Days Pediatrics by calling (732) 548-3210 today!

November 12, 2020
Category: Child Safety
Keeping Your Child Safe in the CarYou may be surprised to learn that many car seats are not used properly. In fact, around 46 percent of car and booster seats are improperly used, which greatly impacts their efficacy. With car accidents being the leading cause of death in children in the US, parents must know how to keep their children safe while riding in the car. If you have questions about keeping your child safe, your pediatrician is here to answer all of your questions.

Types of Car Seats

Before your child can just start buckling up like a big kid, they need to use car seats. Children from birth until 3 years old will use a rear-facing car seat. From 3-7 years old children will upgrade to the forward-facing car seat. Then the booster seat is typically used anywhere from 5-12 years, depending on their height and manufacturer’s guidelines. Children should be at least five years old, weigh at least 40 pounds and be over the height and weight requirements for their forward-facing car seat to be ready to upgrade to a booster seat.

Choosing the Right Car Seat

When it comes to choosing a car seat, we know that it can be difficult to narrow it down. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) provides useful information to help you find the right car seat by comparing different ones on the market. You can also talk to your pediatrician, who can provide you with a wellspring of information and advice on choosing the right car seat for your little one.

Installing Your Child’s Car Seat

Before starting, it’s important to read the manufacturer’s installation guide so that you can better understand the car seat and how it should be installed. Along with following the installation guide that comes with the car seat, the NHTSA also provides some helpful safety tips for a successful installation.

Did you know that once you have your car seat in-place that you can have it inspected to make sure that it’s properly installed? This can provide families with the peace of mind that they need to know that their child is safe every time they buckle up.

From booster seats to booster shots, you must be doing everything possible to keep your child healthy and safe. This also means finding quality pediatricians that you trust to provide you with the tips, advice, and care to support your child’s health.