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Child Wellness Checkups

Since rapid growth and change is a major part of childhood, your child will more than likely have more well child visits during this period. During your child’s checkup, your children's doctor will record all vital statistics including height and weight, perform hearing and vision screenings, and provide a thorough physical examination, which includes issuing the proper immunizations. Your children's doctor will also identify if there are any problems or delays in growth or development.

Important Topics Discussed

Children's Doctor Fords & Perth AmboyOne of the most important parts of a well child checkup is preventive health care. This means that even if your child is healthy, these routine visits are still important for discussing your child’s health with your children's doctor. Communication is always key.

Your children's doctor will also provide information regarding development, nutrition, safety, sleep and other important topics that you will need to know as your child matures. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s health, these checkups are the best time to address them.

During this visit, you should expect your children's doctor to identify whether your child is meeting normal development milestones. Your child’s height, weight and head circumference will also be recorded on a growth chart, which is kept with your child’s medical records. Your doctor may also talk to you about other issues such as family relationships, school, and proper access to community services.

When to Visit Your Children's Doctor

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends this timetable for when your child should be going to their well-child checkups: Once your child is born, your first visit will most likely be a few days after your bring your child home from the hospital. After that, you should expect six checkups by the age of 1, two additional checkups before they turn 2 years old, and then at least one checkup each year until they are 21 years old. Of course this schedule may change depending on your child’s health or if your children's doctor identifies any development problems. Subsequently, if you have any concerns about your child’s health, you can also call your children's doctor to setup additional appointments.

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